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Pepperell, MA

Located at the area where the Nissitissit River meets the Nashua River, the town of Pepperell embodies the small-town charm and historic character of a New England town.

A revolutionary history

The town is named after Sir William Pepperell, a colonial soldier who led the Siege of Louisbourg during King George’s War. Right from the very beginning, Pepperell has played a significant role in the fight for American independence.

During the Battle of Concord, Pepperell men were among those who bravely defended the Old North Bridge. William Prescott, a town resident, was the commander at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Pepperell women even formed their own militia to defend their homes. Led by Prudence Cummings Wright, the “Minutewomen” played a critical role in intimidating approaching Redcoats, capturing enemy soldiers and spies, and intercepting treasonable dispatches to Boston.

While the Pepperell of today is much more idyllic and friendly, the town is committed to preserving and celebrating its rich revolutionary heritage. Many of its historic landmarks and structures are still being used by residents, such as the Pepperell covered bridge, the Nashua River Rail Trail (a railroad corridor that was repurposed into a recreational trail), and the Lawrence Library.

A small-town character

Covering over 23 square miles, Pepperell consists mostly of residential homes with expansive acreage, as well as farms, open land, and conservation areas. With Nashua, New Hampshire located just along the northeast border of town, residents enjoy a rural lifestyle with easy access to metropolitan services and urban comforts.

True to its identity as a New England town, Pepperell has a strong community spirit. Residents can join and be involved in town affairs in a variety of ways, ranging from volunteer and interest groups such as the Prudence Wright Chapter NSDAR and Pepperell Horse Owners Association to cultural and conservation committees like Nashoba Conservation Trust and Pepperell Historical Society.

The food scene in Pepperell also provides a farm-to-table experience unlike any other. Local favorites like Charlotte’s Cozy Kitchen and The Lazy Bubble make all their menu items from scratch, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. And if you’re in the mood for international cuisine, choose from a variety of Thai, Mandarin, Szechuan, and Cantonese dishes at Tea Café Restaurant.

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